Top 13 Halloween Slot Games To Play Now

The slot games are many, and they vary in theme. Some provide players with a bright, happy place to enjoy their game, while others offer a spooky experience that will keep you on your toes!

Frankenstein Slots

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, there’s something scary about the number thirteen. And it turns out this fear motivates many people to try their luck with some of these slot games nobody else wants to! So if 13 isn’t your lucky number…these freaky attractions may be what pushes yours over into Fourteen territory instead?

    1. Psycho Slots

The game takes you on a terrifying journey through the Bates Motel, where your worst fears are always just around the corner. This NextGen Gaming slot features 5 reels and 25 pay lines that will keep players occupied for hours with thrilling cinematics!

Frankenstein Slots

The slot, Frankensteins by NetEnt, is a 5 reel 20 pay line video game with an innovative Linked Wilds feature. This welcome bonus will keep you on your toes during Halloween!

Creature from the Black Lagoon Slots

For those who love slot machines, there is a new movie called “Creature from the Black Lagoon.” It has 20 lines and 3 rows with 5 reels!

Frankenstein Slots

Creepy Castle Slots

The Next Generation of Gaming, where monsters are the stars. A slot machine with a spooky name and even more frightening graphics awaits you in this Halloween-themed game from NextGen Gaming! You’ll feel like you’ve been pulled into a magical world full of creepy castles, one-eyed leggy dancers (who may or may not want to eat your soul), and jackpot opportunities at risk every time we spin it, but there’s always fun surprises around every corner so don’t worry – just put money inside and let us take care everything else while our friendly staff takes care.


If you’re looking for a slot game with some serious zombie action, look no further than the NetEnt’s Apocalyptic undead slots. This 5 reels 3 rows 20, line video poker machine, has everything fans of The Walking Dead series could ask for!

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The dark and spooky laboratory is haunted by Dr Jekyll’s Hyde, as he transforms into his other personalities in this 5-reel 30 payline slot machine with an eerie soundtrack that will keep you on your toes!


I want to play your slots. It’s Dracula – albeit a young and rather handsome 3D version of the infamous vampire, with NetEnt providing players with an opportunity for 5 reels in 1 row, 40 mega line game that features Bat as one of our options!

Ooh Aah Dracula

You don’t need to be afraid of Barcrest’s insta-kill bonus game, where you can step into the crazy world and kill two monsters with a heart that has an iron stake through it. You’ll also get access to some Hi Roller buttons along your journey!

Hitman – Play Now

The hitman in this Microgaming slot machine is at your side. With five reels and 15 pay lines, it offers players almost a guarantee for winning jackpots up to 270k coins!

Do you want to see the real meta universe with your own eyes? Then the video A look inside the metaverse is for you!

Immortal Romance – Play Now

Immortals always look for a little bit of darkness in their life. If you love horror movies, then this slot has plenty to offer! It’s got 243 pay lines, and five reels with an awesome vampire-themed design that will make your heart beat faster as soon as it starts playing on the screen – just like any good scary film should do (and we all know how tedious those other ones were). The graphics here really take advantage by using dark shades throughout; players can even get special bonus features such likes coffins or blood slides which give them more opportunities to win big when compared to competitors week after week.

Blood Suckers – Play Now

The Bloodsuckers slot is another vampire-themed game which delivers ghastly action and ghoulish audio. Your mission? Slay the vampires who are trying to drink your blood! You’ve got five reels and 25 paylines – but watch out for them, or else they’ll get away with it?!

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Under The Bed

The Betsoft Under the Bed slot has 30 paylines and 5 reels, capturing that feeling of being younger with a charming yet creepy atmosphere.

Frankenslot’s Monster – Play Now

We love playing Frankenslot’s Monster. The game has an excellent story with chilling music, making it even more immersive and difficult to put down! It also offers 20 paylines at five reels, which means you can play longer without running out of bets – perfect for those who want their scary hype fix during all three parts of Halloween weekend ( tricked ?!)

We all know that Halloween is the best time of year. The food, pumpkins and spooky decorations are just what everyone needs to make their houses look stunning! But if you’re looking for something more than trampolines or Connect Four in your living room this October 31st, then take note; there’s an entire genre dedicated exclusively to terrifying people with fear-filled games such as Monsters University™ online at SlotsUp™. We’ve put together our top 13 scariest horror slots, which will keep any thrill seeker satisfied until next year rolls around again – don’t forget about them before they disappear like so many other popular entertainment options do these days.